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The Littlest Gargoyle Book and Audio CD TS Hays

The Littlest Gargoyle Book and Audio CD

TS Hays

Published August 23rd 2006
ISBN : 9781424310050
50 pages
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 About the Book 

Dedo, The Littlest Gargoyle, sitting high atop Notre Dame, shares the story of his creator, Sister Marie Therese. As a young nun, from the Benedictine Order in Provence, the sister hears about the grotesque waterspouts that are being created to adorn the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Haunted by their macabre faces she decides to create her own adornment for the Cathedral and unconventionally journeys to Paris disguised as a young boy hoping to apprentice herself to the master of the gargoyle maker, the hideous Flaubert. There she is thrust into a world of anger, jealousy and elevated egos. As she pursues her quest, she meets a variety of characters and discovers friendships that teach her the patience and love of God. Through her determination and mistakes she comes to understand why God has called her to this vocation and she learns to celebrate her unique gifts.