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Secrets De Pêches Jodi Lynn Anderson

Secrets De Pêches

Jodi Lynn Anderson

ISBN : 9782013228565
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 About the Book 

Last summer, three very different girls—wild Murphy, perfect Leeda, and shy Birdie—etched their initials on a Magnolia tree at Darlington Peach Orchard to symbolize that theyre friendship will last forever. But can it survive the less-than-peachy year ahead?Murphy, more in love with Rex than ever, is torn between her big-city dreams and following her heart . . . all the way across the railroad tracks and into Rexs arms.Leeda, nominated to be Bridgewaters Pecan Queen, basks in the rose-scented glow of her Ice Queen mothers sudden affection—until her sister, the princess, returns.Birdie, happy for the first time, wants nothing more than to make time stand still. Too bad everything is changing, whether she likes it or not.The sweet trio of Georgia girls that made Peaches a national bestseller returns in this delicious and satisfying sequel. This year, Murphy, Leeda, and Birdie discover that bitter endings can lead to sweet new beginnings . . . and that the orchard that brought them together will always be a part of them—even if they leave it behind.